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Avlaki Groves Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil (100ml)

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Avlaki Groves' is grown at sea level, on richer soils with a warmer climate. Creamy and buttery, with grassy and fruity notes âit is a superb balance and complement to stronger flavoured dishes. Use for dressing salads, pouring on boiled vegetables, drizzling on soups, on pasta, just dipping with bread. Avlaki Groves' won the Great Taste Award 2015.åÊ

A robust oil with grassy, fruity flavours and buttery finish. This oil makes an immediate impression in the mouth and is an excellent complement to food with stronger flavours.åÊ
Use with balsamic vinegar for dipping. pour on ripe tomato salads, roast peppers, ratatouille, drizzle on all kinds of soup, even grills and roasts.åÊ

About Avlaki Superb Olive Oil:
Deborah and Natalie were simply buying a small place to escape from London stress: making olive oil was not something that they set out to do. Deborah is a painter and Natalie a writer and broadcaster on the arts and classical music. After buying their tiny piece of Greece âthe small property is just above the sea on the Greek island, Lesvos âthey discovered the repairs they had made to the little ruined house broke all of the planning regulations, due to a lack of land. Fortunately, they could buy small parcels of land from their neighbours to add to the plot âall had sadly neglected olive trees growing. They applied their knowledge of British gardening practice to the trees âpruning, mulching, manuring âand researched the latest information about olive farming to revive the plot and took control of every aspect of production and harvesting every olive by hand.åÊ

Avlaki Groves, the home fields, were the first to start producing a good crop in 2000 and a few years later Deborah and Natalie bought the mountain fields of Agatheri Groves, 5/600 metres above sea level. Having witnessed the questionable quality of traditional farming practice, they converted their fields to strictly organic farming (certified by Bio-Hellas) âalso practising permaculture and encouraging bio-diversity. Avlaki's fields are now full of wild flowers, insects, birds and all kinds of wildlife.åÊ

They personally supervise every stage of production from tree to bottle to ensure proper practice, authenticity, provenance and quality, keeping true to their belief of ‰ÛÏFrom Branch to Bottle‰۝.

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