Vanilla / Honey 8 Pack
Bondi Chai Latte

Bondi Chai Latte Vanilla / Honey 8 Pack

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Bondi Chai Vanilla Honey Chai Latte is a seriously delicious, creamy-smooth blend of milk, black tea, honey, vanilla and exotic 'comfort' spices which tastes superb and is 'almost addictive' - usually served latte-style. Because it's a powder, Bondi Chai is very versatile and easy to use and stores in its foil packs for at least 2 years. 'Chai' is the generic word for tea in many Asian and middle-east countries. In India it is a brewed, spiced, milky tea that was created for the Kings of India and has since become 'India's gift to the world'! Bondi Chai is Australia's own Gold Medal winning chai tea latte. It was created and is blended in Australia and is carving a favoured place in our Café culture.

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