CocoNurture Organic Coconut Amino Dipping Sauce 150ml

What are coconut aminos? CocoNurture™ Organic Coconut Amino Seasoning is a natural, soy-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free seasoning sauce. It is produced from natural coconut sap, aged and mixed with sun-dried, mineral-rich salt naturally gathered from the rural islands of the Philippines.

What are the benefits of coconut aminos? It is raw, has very low glycemic levels and is an abundant source of 17 naturally-occurring amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is an all-natural and soy-free sauce that packs in a rich and complex flavor. You probably haven't tasted anything like this. So get into the amino life!

Even at a stable room temperature, the contents may fizz when the bottle is opened, due to the naturally-occurring fermentative properties of this product. Refrigerate after opening.

Usage and Applications:
soy-free alternative to soy sauce
used for marinating
used for stir-frying
used as a dipping sauce or seasoning to enhance the flavor of dishes