Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney (180g)
Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney (180g) Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney (180g)

A medley of sweet and aromatic fragrant spices makes this wonderful savoury chutney perfect for so many creative uses.

Refrigerate after opening and use within 8 weeks of opening. Always use a dry, sterilised spoon. Top left over paste with olive oil.
Made in Australia from local and imported fresh ingredients and premium herbs & spices.
Gluten & Preservative Free. No Artificial Fillers or Flavour Enhancers.
Suitable for vegetarians.
Latasha’s Kitchen is dedicated to the art of cooking homestyle regional dishes using traditional methods and techniques.


Try it as a savoury dressing, dollop over rolls, consider as a dip mixed with yoghurt or or pair with stews, pilafs and other mains. Add to tagines, simmer with curries and slow cooked stews for added flavour. A versatile accompaniment to absolutely anything. My favourite way – as an accompaniment to seafood curries.


Eggplant (70%), onions, tamarind, vinegar, spices, ginger, garlic, chilli, mustard oil, sugar, salt, mustard powder. Contains mustard products. May contain traces of peanuts.