A unique vegan treat we haven't seen before, this sweet and tasty indulgence combines sea salt, vanilla fudge, and chocolate into one awesome snack!  Fabulous Freefrom Factory has come up with their twist on classic treats that's made with dairy-free vegan chocolate and vegetable-based glaze to give you the awesome pairing of this flavor trio without any of the animal-based ingredients you want to avoid.  Plus, they're free from gluten as well as dairy, making them safe for those with allergies, and they're also free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colors and preservatives, and all the other junk you don't want in your snacks!  Imported from England. 


Ingredients :

Vegan fudge (sugar, glucose syrup, soy milk, fondant [non-bone char sugar, glucose syrup], cocoa butter, sea salt, natural vegan flavors, natural vegan caramel color), dairy-free chocolate (non-bone char sugar, cocoa butter, soy flour, cocoa liquor, sunflower lecithin), gum arabic (vegan glaze)