Lupin Cookies Designer Wise are a tasty treat for those that need to maximise their dietary intake of good oils. Designer Wise cookies have been created by Dr Elizabeth Nottage(B.SC.Ph.D), are a hearty biscuit with a raw and earthy flavour. Lupin Cookies are a tasty, yet healthy treat that are ideal as a side dish with a tea or coffee.  Made with all natural ingredients, these cookies are free of wheat, gluten, soya, diary, yeast, animal fats and preservatives.

Ingredients :

Lupin Flour(17%) Rice Flour, Rice Syrup, Olive Oil, Maize Starch(Hi Maize Resistant Starch), Almond Meal, Pecan Nuts, Sunflower Seed, Vanilla Essence, Raising Agent (575,500), Flax Seed, Primrose Seed, Vegetable Gum(412).