Sour Cherry and White Grape Juice (200ml)
Granny's Secret

Sour Cherry and White Grape Juice (200ml)

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Handmade, cold pressed juices from fresh squeezed fruits. 100% Fruit; Nothing added and nothing taken away.

Welcome to Granny's Secret, where we have been making beautiful drinks based on centuries old tradition. We source the ingredients direct from growers, and with no compromises , only the best fruit go in the bottle. The number of fruit used to produce each beautiful drink is shown on the bottle - green carton.

Sourcing: We source the very best fruit that we can find. We buy from ecologically protected areas at the Balkans, from beautiful orchards, as you need the right climate to get the best fruit taste.

Our juices are made from the best quality hand picked fruit, without compromise. We use no additives and it is all 100% natural in juice processing. We don't use concentrate no artificial flavourings, only the real fruit in it's beautiful colour and taste. We hand made the juices in small batches in the season.

Preparation: Homemade juices 100% fruit are prepared accordingto traditional recipes, by cold pressing, from healthy, carefully chosen and hand- picked fruits. With our preparation method the vitality of the fruits is preserved, as well as nutrients and healthy substances from fruits. Sweetness and unique flavour wepreserve by using the white grape juice instead of sugar. Made from freshly cold pressed fruit, these unusual juices are full bodied with an extraordinary depth of flavour...Reminiscent of childhood juices of Serbia and the whole of Balkans...It feels like having a full mouth of raspberries or other fruit - a real alternative to fruit.


Sour cherries (65 fruit in the bottle), white grape juice. No sugar. No additives.

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