Mayver's Super Spread Dark Chocolate (375g)
Mayver's Super Spread Dark Chocolate (375g) Mayver's Super Spread Dark Chocolate (375g)

We’ve just bottled nature’s guilt-free, dairy-free all natural choccie fix in a resealable jar! Mayver’s new Pure-State Dark Chocolate Super Spread is an all-natural chocolate nut butter made from just Chia, Sesame, Almond, plus ‘super’ nuts and a little natural dark chocolate that’s simply been crushed, blended and bottled. With no added oil, salt, gluten or dairy it’s deliciously crunchy, high in protein (19g per 100g) and has only 6g/100g of natural cane sugar. Mix it up with smoothies, spread it on your favourite snack or eat it by the spoonful straight from the jar!

Tip: If you see little white spots on the top of you spread, it’s not mould – it’s just cold. The cacao butter has risen to the top of the spread and hardened, simply sit the jar in a bowl of hot water and mix the melted cacao butter back in! because we don’t add any palm oil, stabilisers, hardened fats or other nasties, sometimes the natural oils and cacao butter may separate as little white dots on top of the jar.


Just chia, sesame, almond, cashews, peanuts, brazil nuts and natural dark chocolate (cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring)

Health benefits

Power-packed with goodness, Mayver's Dark Chocolate Super Spread boasts all the ‘happy mood’ benefits and antioxidant superpowers of natural dark chocolate combined with the healthy fats, fibre and nutrients of chia seeds, sesame seeds and 4 super nuts including magnesium, manganese, selenium, folate and zinc. With no added oil, salt, dairy, hardened fats, gluten or chemical nasties and only 6g/100g of cane sugar - it's superliciously healthy compared to other leading chocolate nut spread brands which have over 55g/100g of sugar (plus lots of naughty fats) - making it perfect as a guilt-free healthy treat any time of day!