Cheer Farm Natural Dried Pineapple (50g)
Cheer Farm

Natural Dried Pineapple (50g)

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Our pineapple is one of the Queen group and is organically grown on a beautiful island in Kien Giang province, Vietnam. From the freshest pineapple, we craft these delicious soft-dried pineapple slices, ideal for snacking, mixing with yoghurt, trail mix or baked goods etc. Our soft-dried Pineapple Queen is both tasty and beneficial to your health: The process from harvesting, sorting, peeling to slicing is done by hand to select the best part of pineapple for drying. A sophisticated mechanical drying process to keep its original flavor and colors. Hence, soft-dried still tastes fresh! No added addictives nor sugar It's nutrient dense, a rich source of bromelain, insoluble fibers and antioxidants

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