Organic Buckwheat Suparamen Noodle (84g)
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Organic Buckwheat Suparamen Noodle (84g)

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SupaRamen-organic, gluten free, instant buckwheat noodles made from organic sprouted buckwheat flour. Packed in a pot with a sachet of instant organic miso soup (from paste not powder) with a separate sachet of spring onions and a roasted pumpkin and sunflower seed garnish. An instant plant based, gluten free snack for the whole family.This product is Gluten-free, is Organic and is Vegan.


*Sprouted buckwheatflour,*potato starch red miso soup *soybean paste(soyabeans,*rice,koji culture,yeast,salt) water *spirits(*rice,salt,koji culture, yeast extract powder, wakame seaweed,salt)*spring onions *shiitake mushroom powder*pumpkin seeds*sunflower seeds

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