Organic Cocount Water - Fresh Chilled

100% Organic Coconut water. Light natural sweetness with mild refreshing coconut flavours. ‘Pandan’ like fragrance. Pure, unadulterated Thai Coconut water. Just as nature intended. Flanked by the Tanawsri mountain range in the West and the snaking Mae Klong River in the East, Ratchaburi is not only the birthplace of King Rama I, but also home to the fragrant Nam Hom coconuts we use in our coconut water. The tropical climate coupled with the rich river soils make the grounds ideal for the cultivation of the most refreshing coconuts in the world. The Pandan-like fragrance and light natural sweetness of the Nam Hom coconut make it perfect for consumption, as it is – pure, raw and fresh. Got a pink bottle?  Fret not! Coconut water may turn slightly pink due to naturally occurring reaction of enzymes and phenolic antioxidants present in the natural juice. Different species of coconuts have varying levels of this colour changing antioxidant. The Nam Hom variety of coconuts which we only use for COCOLOCO is particularly rich in this organic antioxidant. Hence its varying shades of pinking. It is absolutely safe to consume and has no relation to bacteria or any other factors other than the levels of antioxidants. Chemicals or heat pasteurization could be used to prevent the pinking but that’s not something we believe in. So if you receive a pink bottle, smile and be assured that you hold in your hands only the freshest that COCOLOCO has to offer.

Ingredients :

100% Organic Coconut Water