Organic Rooibos Tea (25's Tea Bags)
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Organic Rooibos Tea (25's Tea Bags)

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The red bush plant (rooibos in Afrikaans), is cultivated only in South Africa and produces a unique tea with a delicate vanilla aroma that is renowned worldwide for its quality and taste. Non-caffeinated, naturally sweet, and high in anti-oxidants, rooibos is known as the 'long life' tea for its many beneficial properties. The tea is grown by the Wupperthal Rooibos Tea Cooperative, a leader in rooibos production (it is one of only 2 organisations in the world who produce rooibos tea that is both organic and fair trade certified). The Wupperthal cooperative supports approx 170 small organic farmers and guarantees them a fair price for their harvest. They have a commitment to care for the land they live on, which includes the sustainable harvest of the rooibos tea. Unbleached tea bags.

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