Relaxation Drink - Original (330ml)
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Relaxation Drink - Original (330ml)

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Chamomile has a very impressive list of beneficial properties. It is reported to have anti-oxidant properties and helps relieve mild anxiousness.
Magnesium is important for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. It keeps normal muscle and nerve function, maintains and stabilizes heart rhythm, and helps to strengthen bones.
Passionflower or Passion Flower (Passiflora incamata) is a plant native to North America, found mostly in the Midwest and Southeast. Passionflower is reported to have anti-anxiety and aphrodisiac properties. This herb is reported to be helpful for some people in reducing restlessness, anxiety, and nervousness.
Lemon balm has been used medicinally for centuries to; address restlessness and reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm. It is widely known for its ability to promote sleep.
Valeriana officinalisis originates from Europe and Asia and has been used as traditional medicine for several generations. These herbs including others like passionflower, ginseng and hops have found to be interrelated with the mind and mood of a person . In particular, valerian roots are known for their calming and relaxation effects.

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