Soy Drink (Unsweetened)  - Carton (12 x 1L)

Soy Drink (Unsweetened) - Carton (12 x 1L)

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Orasi's soy drink (unsweetened) has a velvety texture, a neutral taste like cow's milk. Its light color, makes it particularly suitable for all uses in classic Italian coffee bars: from cappuccino to mokaccino, to hot and cold latte macchiato. Ideal for making milkshakes and smoothies. It is also an ideal ingredient for preparing savoury dishes too such as vegetable-based mayonnaise and bechamel, confectioner’s cream and potato puree.

Packed with vegetable proteins. Gluten-free, lactose-free.
Delicious and refreshing as a cold drink.
Ideal for drinking and cooking.

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