Ultimate Smoothie Mix Natural
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Ultimate Smoothie Mix Natural

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Ultimate Smoothie Mixes are produced in a gluten free factory. Combined with the other incredible ingredients this is a very tasty and natural feel smoothie. The flavours have been created to give ultimate palatability and gluten free experience. The Natural flavour allows you to mix it with vegetable/fruit smoothies, water or bake even with this (protein bars). This formula is the first in the world to be able to be ÌÄå¢̢‰Û_åÂÌɉÛÏshaked or bakedÌÄå¢̢‰Û_åÂÌâå�. You can form your favourite energy bars and cakes or have it as a smoothie for optimal nutrition. Enjoy!

Ingredients :

Mt. Uncle's Green Banana FlourÌÄå¢̢‰â_Ìâå¢, PhytocelÌÄå¢̢‰â_Ìâå¢, coconut nectar, spices (cinnamon), organic brown rice protein. Natural: A natural unflavoured mix, pure to the true nature it is. Our ingredients are organic and biodymamic products, pesticide and chemical free.

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