Our Story

There is no love in this world that compares to a parent’s love for his or her child.

Our journey began when we learnt of our child’s intolerance to Dairy products, which later led to our discovery of his further intolerance to Gluten, Dairy, Nut, Soy, Egg and Yeast. Since then, the ways in which we began food hunting and label-reading evolved completely – and they have never ceased till this day.

Given his strict dietary restrictions, we began expanding our search for a greater variety of suitable food products. Over the past years, we took our search beyond local markets, sourcing through online retailers and even making personal trips abroad to look for a better range of dietary products.

Through this process, we began to realise how difficult it was to continuously source for such products from different sources, both locally and internationally. Finally, the idea of creating a stable, one-stop-shop solution for those facing similar dietary constraints came to mind. Through our partnership with producers and suppliers, we place bulk-order purchases to share the goodness of our product findings with you here in Singapore.

Here at the Gluten Free Store, we understand the small, daily difficulties of those faced with dietary restrictions. Gluten, unlike other allergens, is not easily detectable unless specified. We vet our products seriously by talking with our producers and ensuring Gluten-Free handling for all our products. 

We hope our online store provides a community that supports your special needs and allows you to enjoy the food you deserve!

Son, this is for you with love.